• Madelynne Juenger

London, Baby!

Last night, I sat on an airplane with more seating room than my short legs could handle and more food than my nervous stomach could take. I had somehow managed to bump my way up to first class for free and was living the life in a seat that also conveniently converted into a bed. (I would just like to take this moment to personally thank the genius who invented that.) I felt so silly in these oversized seats with fluffy pillows and blankets, but I entertained myself by making friends with a nice flight attendant who offered me cinnamon rolls and tea. The cinnamon rolls were great, but alas, my tea never came. It was quite the tragedy.

However, fear not my friends! For I was traveling to the land of tea! The wonderful city of London and I was (and AM) so so very excited. My bouncing feet and jittery hands made it very clear that I was feeling all sorts of things. I think the flight attendant may have assumed I was anxious and perhaps it was simply a pity cinnamon roll, but I ate it triumphantly knowing that I would soon get my long awaited cup of tea to go with it.

As soon as the wheels of the airplane had left the ground, I felt my heart flutter along with it and then immediately rolled my eyes at myself for sounding too much like a sappy "finding yourself" movie. But how can you not feel like you’re in a movie when you are literally drifting along in the clouds? I will never understand people who close their windows during flights. I get that sleep is important and all, but we are literally flying. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s pretty freaking cool.

After being judged by my neighbor for tearing up at the sight of London below me, I grabbed my carry ons, smiled my way through the passport check, and dragged my luggage straight out the exit.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m spending the next ten weeks in London studying Graphic Design with nine other girls and I’ve been looking forward to it for what seems like forever. So finally seeing everyone in the Heathrow airport made it so much more real and the floating on clouds feeling stayed long after the plane landed.

We made our way clumsily to the tube with luggage that weighed more than we did and only a few stumbles along the way, but soon discovered that the London metro system was filled with very valuable information. We learned from a nice couple to specify that we were from Philadelphia because apparently “Philly” is a type of cheese here. We also learned to be prepared for all weather because the lady swore she saw snow in July once. And most importantly I learned that talking to strangers is fun…even if they don’t offer you candy.

After a very long and sweaty walk, we finally found our flat. (Side note: I feel extra fancy using my new London terminology and I don’t care who knows it.) It is lovely and beautiful and has bunk beds. Honestly, all I want out of life. And the city of London is also lovely and beautiful and has flowers. Again, all I want out of life.

We walked around our new neighborhood and my eyes were so freaking spoiled with beauty. I still can’t shake the movie-esque feeling off because none of it seems real so far. But it is real and my heart hasn’t been so happy in so long. So here’s to my biggest adventure yet! (that is scheduled to start precisely after my feet regain feeling and my jet lag lets me have a normal sleeping schedule again.) Until then, cheerio!



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