• Madelynne Juenger

Embrace Where You Are, Wherever You Are

There are officially four days left before I leave Philly for the summer and my schedule is currently a frantic mess revolving around pre-departure bucket lists written in a last minute hurry to ensure I don’t miss out on anything. I’ve spent the last couple weeks cramming in so many plans because it’s finally hitting me how little time there is before summer stops by with a brand new, very busy (yet super exciting!!!) adventure. In a little over a week I will be heading on over to the UK to spend a semester studying in London and my tea loving/Harry Potter fanatic self is very stoked.

But even though I can’t wait to be frolicking through the streets of London, it’s always a little bittersweet leaving my Philly friends behind and only getting a few days of the beach in with my Virginia Beach pals. And this is where the bucket-lists come in! And the plan making! And the doing as much as I can with as little sleep as possible!

It always amazes me that with a little determination, I can fit in a month’s worth of activities into less than ten days. That is the power of little time and a lot of pressure, my friends.

This past Friday, my lovely pal Abby and I tried to cram in as many checks off the bucket list as possible. We hit a taco restaurant and popsicle shop for food, picnicked in a cemetery, walked around the city for a bit, and ended the day off with a friend filled barbecue. And it was a perfectly lovely day. Of course, I probably could have spread all this out over the period of a week and spent more time at each place, but something about having a time constraint makes it extra exciting and motivating to do it all in a day!

a heavenly chocolate fudge brownie from the lil' pop shop

a very happy abby with our very yummy veggie tacos

It’s made me think about how much I could get done if I constantly held this mentality of embracing every moment. In the middle of the school year, I always feel as if I’m swimming in time. I’ll walk down the street and say to myself “Oh hey! I should check that place out sometime, but not today because I’m tired.” And so I write down the name of the restaurant, or the store, or the museum in my notebook…and then never actually return. This leaves me at the end of the year with a very long list of places that I MUST see and practically no time to do so. But if I lived every day like I was leaving the city tomorrow, then I would have had so many more adventures by now.

So this is a challenge…a personal challenge for me and one for you too. Instead of skipping out on adventures to get home early and binge watch the latest Netflix show, go into the bookstore. Walk through the museum. Stop into the cafe and try out the ridiculously overpriced chai tea latte.

Embrace where you are, wherever you are.

There’s a lot to see and only so much time to see it.



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