• Madelynne Juenger

Be Open to the Good

"So much is happening, be open to the good."

The trouble with sadness is that it tends to swallow us whole. It creeps into our brains slowly and then before we know it, we're completely submerged in a pool of negative thoughts. And unfortunately, negativity is a magnet. The more we think about bad things, the more we notice them, and the more we become affected by them. Our eyes tend to do a tunnel vision sort of thing where we block out all of the good and narrow in solely on the bad.

And unfortunately, this is oh so easy to do.

It's so easy to let sadness take over. And it's okay to let it sometimes. But let it come, let it out, and then let it go.

Go through your box of tissues. Wear out your playlist of sad songs. But then take a deep breathe, wipe your eyes, and try looking at the world again. Maybe the tears have fogged up your vision...but now the lights are more dazzling. They sparkle and shine and their edges are lined in rainbows. And for a minute the world looks soft and cozy and warm.

Take another deep breath. Look at the colors. Look at the lights. And remember how even though a second ago the world was dark, it's not so hard to find some light tucked away in there. Sometimes you just have to look for it.

Don't shut out the light in the world just because darkness is easier to reach.

So here's to the good. Here's to finding sun through the clouds and flowers through the pavement. Here's to sunny warm days in the middle of winter and ocean breezes in the midst of summer. Here's to rereading old books, splashing in puddles, and sipping hot tea in the morning. Here's to sunrises, lightning bugs, good friends, tree houses, skylines, tulips, and stars.

Here's to the good.

It is out there.

Please don't stop searching for it.



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