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A September Tea Talk

Hello there, and happy September!

It feels like this month has rolled around a bit quicker than it normally tends to, which might be due to the fact that I spent most of August living in London and am already used to weather that leans more towards sweaters than it does sundresses. Or maybe it’s due to the universe getting antsy and crossing off a few weeks on our calendars while everyone was too busy doing nothing at the beach to notice. Either way, we are well on our way towards the lovely season of Autumn (at least according to Starbucks and the Halloween section creeping up in Target.)

However! I refuse to buy any new cardigans until I fully pick through every last bathing suit in the clearance aisle. Summer is not over yet my friends and we still have a few weeks left until we must completely surrender to the season of the Pumpkin Spice Latte. (Just to be clear, I have nothing against a good pumpkin spice drink, but my heart is currently set on iced teas and sunshine for the time being.) So gather round with your drink of choice, whether that be a refreshing peach green tea lemonade or something of the cinnamon apple variety, and join me for a September Tea Talk.

Mad Cat Blog has been relatively quiet lately, but the gal behind it has been quite the opposite. I wrapped up my summer in London last week with a bang and filled the last few days with midnight wanderings, Harry Potter tours, and even a small tattoo addition. All of which shall be pondered and overthought into their own blog post and will hopefully be meeting your eyes in the days to come. Since then, I have spent a day airplane hopping, popped back into my hometown of Virginia Beach, and have been doing everything I can to shake off jet lag and use all of my time to the fullest extent possible. I am determined to cram in a summers worth of activities into the few weeks I have before fall classes kick back into action at the end of this month.

In my mind, my ideal list of to-do’s is filled to the brim with pool days, acai bowls, sandcastles, and making time to work on adding to my freckle collection. However, in reality, my actual to-do list falls more along the lines of attending doctors appointments, packing up and moving into my new apartment, and actually working real jobs in order to slightly patch up the damage London has left behind on my wallet. And this contrast of lists has lead to quite a few conflicting feelings. On one hand, there is the immature part of me that wants to shut down all of my social media, completely cut off contact with the outside world, and recuperate from a busy summer of social activity by hiding inside a blanket fort. It would be equipped with an endless stream of New Girl episodes and a magical glass of pink lemonade that would constantly refill itself upon request.

Yet, on the other hand, there is the small part of me that is craving a schedule and a homework list. This is the part of me that actually felt a little jealous while sending my sisters off to school this morning simply because I’m longing for a trip to buy new supplies and am missing the jitters that come with the fresh start of the new year. Maybe this is the slightly more mature side of me speaking, but I like to have at least a little responsibility just so that the day feels like it has some purpose to it. I’m missing early alarms and school bells, which is something I never thought I would say especially considering I only turned in my final summer papers a little over a week ago.

But I’ve been trying to teach my brain to relax…and surprisingly, I think it’s working. I don’t want to jinx anything too early on in the game, but for the first time ever, my mind is being much quieter than usual. I guess everything needs to take a break at some point though...

So before this turns into an analysis of my mind, let’s wrap things up a bit as we come to the final sips of our tea. September shall be a month of slowly getting back into the rhythm of things, while making sure to enjoy the last few days of summer before we gracefully (or reluctantly) let the sun soaked hours go. It will be a month of attempting to find balance, forcing myself to carpe the heck out of that diem, and to get back into writing, writing, writing.

But for now, I shall leave you to enjoying your drinks and will remind you that there’s no shame in sneaking in a few pumpkin flavored snacks to the bottom of your beach bag.



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