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A Rachel Green Inspired Style Guide

Friends has become my TV equivalent of comfort food. It’s what I immediately turn to when I’m lonely, or sad, or confused, or any of the adjectives Taylor Swift mentions in her song “22”. And as I have recently turned that exact age (which comes with all the advertised emotions), it’s comforting to be reminded that other people have felt the same way.

While my Instagram feed is currently a highlight reel of new jobs and engagements, Friends is a reliable world in which people are fired and dumped and “finding themselves” constantly. I guess it’s true that misery loves company. And there’s nothing that pulls me out of that misery quite like the 25-minute plot lines, dependable laugh tracks, and enviable costume design of Friends.

So in honor of my only guiding light at the moment, I’ve decided to create a style ode to the far-too-relatable Rachel Green. A few months ago, I jokingly decorated my graduation cap with her quote, “I’m gonna go get one of those job things!” Her naivety and optimism about the working world was laughable then, but I’ve now discovered that Season One Rachel and I are both in the same spot. Neither of us are quite where we want to be in life, and neither of us really know how to get there. The only difference: Rachel can rock a denim vest and coffee-shop apron way better than I can. However, I thought stepping into her shoes (literally) might help me channel some of her Season Three energy and inspire me to make moves towards “finding myself”.

Below is a style guide of three Rachel inspired outfits that I pieced together with items I already owned in my closet. Because for the sake of my wallet and the sake of this planet, I’m glad Rachel and I at least don’t share the same shopping habits…

Outfit One: The One with the Tied Shirt & Skirt Combo

Rachel is the queen of making a simple button up shirt look more exciting. Later in the series, we see her layer them with cute blazers and jackets, but during her coffee-shop days, she normally opts for an easy knot at the bottom. Which is definitely more chic than simply tucking it in.

Outfit Two: The One with the Patterned Skirt & Turtleneck

The magical part about creating a Rachel Green inspired look is that it doesn’t have to match what she wore exactly. Save yourself the trouble of buying a brand new outfit and try getting creative in your existing wardrobe instead. Rachel’s patterned skirt and solid turtleneck combination is an outfit recipe that will work for many a skirt/shirt combo.

Outfit Three: The One with the Lacey Tank Top & Overalls

This look is definitely the easiest of the three. Just grab a cute bra/bralette/tank top of your choice, throw some overalls on top, and voila! An easy outfit that looks adorable without even trying. Rachel would be proud.

x Madelynne


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