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A Declaration Regarding Dance Parties & Green Shoes

You know those pivotal moments in life when the world seems to stop spinning, your breath catches in your throat, and you suddenly know right then and there that nothing will ever be the same again? (Cue a dramatic swell of music and a perfectly timed dove release!)

Well, I think I experienced something of that variety when I first laid eyes upon these green heeled shoes last year.

I spotted them gleaming from the top of a thrift store shelf and quickly added them to a basket full of used Christmas records and a super soft Calvin Klein sweater (another win of the day!!).

They were brand new, $7, and exactly my size. A true match made in heaven.

Since then, they’ve been my trusty dancing shoes…to a whopping two parties.

I know what you’re thinking, “Madelynne, if it was truly a match made in heaven, then why have you only worn them twice?” Well, you know what they say! Walking in heels is very, very hard!!

I can dance in them just fine! Twirling? Yes. Skipping? Heck yes! Running? For short distances, but that’s by choice not by shoe restraint.

But there’s something about walking in heels that makes me incredibly self-conscious and even clumsier than Fergie.

There must be a significant change in altitude from 5’4’’ to 5’6’’ and my brain just hasn't grown accustomed to it yet.

Or it could be the fact that the slower pace just gives me an unnecessary amount of time to overthink everything. For example:

“Heel, toe. Heel, toe. Or is it toe, heel? Toe, heel? Heel, toe, toe, heel?”

“Eyes ahead, shoulders back, spine straight!”

“Do you think they know I almost face planted back there?”

“They totally know I almost face planted back there.”

“Left, left, left, right, left!

Wait, no. Think runway not boot camp…”

As you can see, it has been both a blessing and a curse to keep these shoes in my possession. A blessing because they are flipping adorable and straight out of my vintage style dreams. And a curse because their adorableness is being wasted away in the back of my closet due to the fact that I CAN’T WALK IN THEM.

But this ends today my friends! Let it be known that I, Madelynne Catherine, am whole-heartedly declaring a venture into the world of high heeled shoes! From this moment on, my flats loving self shall try to incorporate these green beauties into the likes of dance parties, and work offices, and maybe even grocery stores! Who knows what we shall see together!

The world is at my feet and I am ready to walk through it gracefully, green heels and all!

x Madelynne


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